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Humans with a Voice

Positive outlet for both the homeless and those in power

A Tearful Appreciation
Letters to the Director
Hello Evelyn,...

I found you through your Facebook comment on The Homeless
Entrepreneurs Club website, and I am almost in tears right

I have literally been speaking the words that you've written
about Homeless to Hopeful for the past three days. You see, I'm currently
homeless, and I've met other homeless people who feel the same way as you and I
feel. I wholeheartedly agree that entrepreneurship is the way to help those of
us who are homeless yet hopeful to rebuild our lives and thrive in a way that
sparks our passion and employs the skills, talents and gifts that we were put
here to share with the world.

I just wanted to write to you and say thank you. Thank you for
putting the Homeless to Hopeful idea into words. I hope to someday contribute to
the cause and work with you to make it a nationwide

Lack of Support
It is now a year that my web sites have been up and my paperwork is done and ready for the homeless to use and be trained. Many in politics, CEO's, millionaires  and rulers know of this one of a kind method. No one has decided to respond or support this method. I promise one million off the street making money contributing to society again. NOT just handouts to suffer another day on the streets waiting lie stray animals for crumbs to eat and survive another day.
For $500 one time fee and free refurbished equipment and SKYPE training we can get up to 25% of all cream of the crop off the streets. It is done from the bottom up and then after from the top down. WE have in USA 4 million are on the verge of homelessness do they want handouts and living on the streets. Do they want opportunities  to be independent and self-sustaining? YES!!!!! This quiet non-response of those with power, connections and money show that making the homeless unlawful cost them and the countries 25,000 dollars per person times 4 million homeless in the USA verses our 3 month pilot program at $500 for getting the 25% potential that has past our application process to contribute toward society again.
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